I know being creative is essential to your life and your identity. I know you wish you could make art full time and be paid for your work.


Tell me about you. Are you a painter, photographer, printmaker, graphic designer, sculptor, potter, fabric designer, jeweler, sewist, or work in another medium?


Do you want to make a living as an artist?


So, what’s the problem?

🔹 Are you worried that it’s not possible to be a paid, professional artist?

🔹 Are you confused on what steps to take to build your business?

🔹 Are you procrastinating on taking action to move you forward?

🔹 Does it feel you don’t have the support you need to make it happen?


My clients used to deal with these exact blocks. Now they are making a living as an artist.


This could be you!


Through your participation you will:
🔹 Make money as an artist
🔹 Build your career as a full time professional artist
🔹 Sell your work at markets, online, through commissions, and/or teaching

🔹 Be uninhibited to share your work online or in physical spaces.
🔹 Develop regular, inspired creative habits

🔹 Live with purpose and passion


My clients thrive from coaching with me. This program will give you deep individual support to create the creative life of your dreams. Through weekly coaching calls, you show up exactly how you are, no matter what you are dealing with. We will get clear on your vision for your life, uncover where you are stuck and create a clear pathway forward to manifest your creative life.


PROGRAM DETAILS: 3-6 months of regular coaching


🔹 Create an inspiring vision
🔹 Uncover excuses, fears and stories that hold you back
🔹 Create daily empowering creative and business habits
🔹 Get clear in your perfect audience
🔹 Learn how to market to this audience
🔹 Transform your scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset​​​ so you can actually make money from your art.
🔹 ​​Develop an action plan and get accountability
🔹 Commit to your goals and manifest what you want​​


The internal work produces the external results. 


Liora’s coaching style is a co-creative process. I use honed listening skills and intuition to support you as a thought partner. Together we create freedom and power for you to create meaningful change and take dynamic actions towards your goals. I am your accountability partner and your biggest fan.


Trust yourself to take this step forward.


“I love my coaching sessions with Liora. We have had some amazing and deep conversations. It is wonderful to have someone listen and be able to pull out reflections that are so on point.” – Carolyn


“Liora is a delightfully focused power to be allied with.” – Tom


“Working with Liora will change your life.” – Katie (View Katie’s Video Testimonal)