Liora Sponko is a Mindset and Empowerment Coach for Wholehearted Living. She helps her clients live with purpose and passion to realize their dreams. They overcome fear, self-doubt and overwhelm while developing new tools and habits to reconnect with self-love, self-expression, and creativity.


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“Coaching with Liora is 10,000 times better than anything I have ever done.``

  • Greet Your Own Reflection

    I had a couple instances this past week where I caught myself being judgmental of other people. I was blaming them for random things, making them wrong, complaining in my head, etc. You know what I mean? I used to blame and judge people all......

  • Meditation Made Easy

    Lots of people want to meditate more (or at all), but say they don’t have time. Have you said this too?! I have for sure! But if you really think about, we really do have time to meditate. What’s really stopping us are internal conversations......

  • How Will You Emerge?

    One of my clients shared she doesn’t want to go into new normal with the same life from before the pandemic. I completely agree! This is the perfect time to reflect on the past as we step back into the world. Let’s map out some possibilities of......