The Manifest Your Heart’s Desire course is focused on helping you to create the life that you deserve. This course combines group life empowerment coaching and energy work, allowing you to tap into your inner strength.You will remove any obstacles that are standing in the way of your success and you will be provided the tools and support that you need to achieve your goals.


Together, we will work to strengthen your intuition and confidence to tap into your inner power so that you can live the life that you want.


​Liora will be co-leading this course with Cathleen Hylton, Intuitive Reader & Teacher


This is an online class on Thursdays 7:00 PM PT  Feb 15 – April 18


Weekly Topics:

Week 1:     Tuning into your Higher Power/Divinity

Week 2:    Managing Your Fears

Week 3:    Strengthening Your Self Image

Week 4:    Manifestation

Week 5:    Self-Care and Healthy Habits

Week 6:    Relationships and Communications

Week 7:    Money Mindset

Week 8:    Body Wisdom

Week 9:    Your Intuition

Week 10:    Stand In Your Power

Total cost: 499.00

Payment plans are available.



Workshops & Speaking Opportunities

I lead workshops and keynote speeches to inspire artists, creatives professionals and entrepreneurs. I love speaking to audiences of any size to empower them to manifest their creative vision through mindset shifts, energy generation, and high-performance tools to manifest your dreams

I have been a speaker for Ignite, Lane Arts Council, Ashland Art Center, Mindful Entrepreneurs Summit, Mindworks Entrepreneur Expo, Florence Regional Art Alliance, Self-Love Summit, Boss Babes Eugene, Reinventing Rural, RAIN, Steampunk Music Festival and more!



Workshop Topics

Manifest Your Creative+Business Desires: Transform Fear Into Action


Create Your Daily Practice: Build A Consistent Morning Routine That’s Perfect For You


Fun And Freedom On Instagram: Overcoming Fear To Going Live On Social Media


Money Mindset: From Scarcity to Abundance


Speaking Topics

Pathways to Success: Overcoming Barriers and Embracing Growth


Overcoming Love Addiction And The Journey To Self Love