Hi, I’m Liora!

I’m so excited to meet you! I’m Liora, an Empowerment Coach and work with my clients to help them live with purpose, passion and realize their dreams. If you’re ready to overcome fear, self-doubt and overwhelm, while developing new tools and habits to reconnect with self-love, self-expression and success you’re in the right place. By living wholeheartedly, you will have more energy, clarity and power to manifest your deepest desires.


I help creatives, entrepreneurs and changemakers live wholeheartedly

and manifest their desires.


I am certified life coach and have worked in the personal development industry for over 10 years. My most profound training was through Landmark Worldwide, where I participated in multiple programs and served as a coach. I received life coaching certification from Coach Training Alliance and spiritual coaching certification from Life Purpose Institute. I also lead workshops and keynote speeches to inspire people to connect to their purpose and authentic selves and become ready to to take action aligned with their goals.


I am always learning and growing. I am inspired by my regular yoga, exercise, meditation, energy work, journaling and gratitude practice. I am regularly listening to podcasts and books related to personal development and spirituality. I love being outdoors and connecting to nature through hiking, paddling and snowboarding. Fun and play are also important in my life and you will often find me dancing to live music! I experience ups and downs in life as everyone else. Through consciousness and all of my practices, I move energy from my head to my heart so I am clear and empowered to take on my goals and attract what I desire.


I used to hide from people and my dreams because I was afraid of being judged. I was so insecure that I didn’t feel comfortable around people. I didn’t use social media because I didn’t want to be seen. I didn’t go after my dreams because I was afraid I would fail. I dealt with anxiety and depression and was constrained from living the life I truly wanted.


The more I did the internal work and learned to love myself, the more free I became. That freedom inspired me to do things that I never thought I would do. I started coaching, speaking, leading workshops. I even gave my first keynote speech on self-love!



My methodology


We all carry a protective armor to keep us safe. Through my coaching process, you will release this weight so you can connect to your authentic self and have freedom, joy and energy to show up fully and manifest your desires.


The internal work produces external results. It’s easy to blame circumstances or other people for what’s wrong in our lives. But the power is looking within, at our fears and blocks. When we do that, we create space to re-envision another way of living life.


When you work with me, we focus on the following area – Mindset, Heart, Energy & Inspired Action.

Mindset - We'll work through your fears and disempowered thoughts, working to reprogram your brain to let go of blame and judgement.

Heart - We'll do deep, emotional work together to help you reach a place of gratitude and self-love, healing your inner child in the process.

Energy - We'll look ahead, to establish your vision for the future and I'll teach you how to harness your energy to achieve the results you so desperately desire.

Inspired Action - I'll arm you with a toolkit of daily practices and techniques to help you manifest the life of your dreams, enabling you to step into true alignment.

I’m here to help you fulfil your deepest desires because what you want, wants you! If you’re ready to take your life, business or creative project to the next level, I can support you. If you’re lacking direction, motivation or if you’re just feeling overwhelmed, we will uncover exactly what’s getting in your way, strengthen your self-love and help you produce results.


It’s time to live wholeheartedly.