Liora’s Wholehearted Living Package is customized for soulful entrepreneurs, creatives, visionaries, changemakers and spirit seekers who are ready to manifest your deepest desires.

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Working with Liora will change your life.

Katie is an acrylic painter, yogi, and writer. When I first started working with Katie, she didn’t have the confidence to call herself an artist and was struggling to make money as an artist. Through our work together, Katie developed confidence to embrace her identity as an artist and a businesswoman. She recently sold several thousand dollars in commissioned art pieces, is teaching art classes and workshops, and has plans to publish her first book.

We get in our own way of manifesting what we want in our lives.

Recently clients and friends told me they want what I have. What is that exactly, I ask? They say I have confidence, live passionately, and go for my dreams.


“You are the reminder to live wholeheartedly!”


This is seriously one of the best compliments I have ever received and what inspired the name of my signature coaching package.


I haven’t always been like this. I used to hide from people and was one of the last to join social media because I was afraid of being seen! I struggled to prioritize myself. I felt exhausted and overwhelmed at the end of each day. I was busy, unhappy and not focusing on what I wanted. 


Does this sound like you?

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It was because of my commitment to self-awareness and self-love practice where I was finally able to break free from fear and unworthiness stories I carried my entire life. The more I focused within, the more clarity, confidence and trust I built inside of me. When I truly connected to my purpose and passion, I became self-expressed and showed up in a bigger way. That’s when I connected to ease and flow and manifested my deepest desires while making a difference for people. 

The internal work produces the external results.

The key to manifesting your dreams is to start within. When you energize your life with a healthy mindset and healthy habits, you will experience freedom, self-expression and confidence to show up, be seen, realize your goals and make the difference you want to make. 

I love my coaching sessions with Liora. We have had some amazing and deep conversations. It is wonderful to have someone listen and be able to pull out reflections that are so on point.

Carolyn is a watercolor artist. When I started working with Carolyn, she struggled with balancing her schedule and getting enough studio time. She did not have the confidence to build her art business. Through our work together, Carolyn now paints in her studio almost every day. She has had several successful art shows, taught dozens of workshops, and is making more money from her art than ever before.

Schedule your Free Breakthrough Session with Liora

My Wholehearted Living Package is for people, like you, who are ready to commit to yourself, show up powerfully, and create the life you want. It involves private live coaching with Liora for three months to work on your specific needs wherever you are on your journey. 

From your participation, will come away with:

💫 Clarity on your vision for yourself and your life


💫 Mindset tools to transform fear and blocks into power and action


💫 Ability to reprogram your mind and energy to who you want to become


💫 Confidence in who you are and how you are meant so serve


💫 A daily morning and reflective practice to energize your day


💫 An action and accountability plan to realize your goals


💫 Connection to gratitude, trust and surrender throughout your journey


💫 Feeling good and having fun!


When you feel good, and connect to flow in your life, you will attract and manifest your deepest desires. This could include your dream job, business, creative practice or relationship. 


What do you want?


You no longer have to figure this all out alone! I would love to support you on your journey to wholehearted living. 

Schedule your Free Breakthrough Session with Liora

Liora is a delightfully focused power to be allied with.

Tom is a woodworker, building high-quality furniture. He dreamed of transforming his business into creating sacred altars to inspire any space. When I first starting working with Tom, he wasn't taking action on his goals and made money from build furniture instead of altars. After working with Tom, he got clear on what his heart desired and connected to a larger vision for his work. Now Tom is working with many more high-end, high-paying clients, including large commissioned pieces. Tom will be traveling internationally to lead altar-building workshops!

While living wholeheartedly, you will have more clarity, energy and confidence to manifest your deepest desires.