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Empowerment Coach

Empowerment Coaching

As an Empowerment Coach for Creative Professionals, Liora’s coaching style is a co-creative process. She uses honed listening and communication skills to support you as a thought partner. Together we create freedom and power for you to create meaningful change and take dynamic actions towards your goals. She is your accountability partner and your biggest fan. Liora will work right in tune with you to uncover your path to creative success.


Is coaching right for you?
Do you want to build your dream creative business or become prolific in your creative work, but are stopped from taking action and producing results?


Do any of these conversations sound familiar?
• I want to make more money
• I want to sell my art more broadly
• I wish I could focus my time and energy on my art
• I want to live a creative life
• I don’t want to work just any job
• I want to follow my dreams and work my passion
• My creativity and self-expression are locked up
• I want to have access to full self-expression and creativity


Instead of blaming external circumstances, it’s essential to look within to uncover how you are getting in your own way. The roadblocks we encounter are fears and disempowering stories that overwhelm our lives. By developing and committing to an empowering mindset, you can transform fear into inspired action and create the life you love. As in all areas of our lives, you do have choices. Through coaching you can explore the choices available to you, and have the confidence to move forward in your career.


How Empowerment Coaching can help you live the life you love!
• Clearly identify your passion and career goals
• Explore and uncover obstacles and look at ways to overcome them
• Prioritize ongoing goals and strategies to assist you in further career development
• Set yourself realistic actions to move your career forward
• Live fully expressed in your creative career


2 Coaching Options


Individual Coaching
One-on-one coaching is my highest level of commitment to your success. I provide six-month packages to fully support you in reaching your creative goals. These individualized coaching sessions will help you develop your inspiring vision, uncover your fears, and be your accountability partner as you make progress on your goals.


Group Coaching Program
Manifest Your Creative Desires: Transform Fear Into Action. I get that artists need artists. That’s why I created this group coaching program for creative professionals.


Schedule a free Breakthrough Call for either group or individual coaching now!


Benefits of Empowerment Coaching


Through your participation in this program you will
• Uncover fears and disempowering stories that stop you
• Transform fear into an empowering mindset
• Develop an inspiring vision for your creative life
• Create daily creative and self-love habits
• Manifest your creative desires


Group Coaching Session Details
• Three-month program
• Eight virtual video sessions
• Interactive group setting where you will get live coaching
• Connect with and learn from other participants.
• Private online community to connect with participants daily
• Bonus!: Two one-on-one coaching sessions with Liora to deepen the work


Next program begins in September 2019.


Schedule your free Breakthrough Call now!