Empowerment Coach

As an Empowerment Coach for visionaries, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals, Liora will help you transform your dreams into real results. Through her Empowerment System and intuitive guidance, Liora will help you build clarity, confidence and consistency to create the life of your dreams.


Do any of these conversations sound familiar?
‣ I want to follow my dreams and a fulfilled life but I’m afraid
‣ I don’t have time or energy to take on something new
‣ I don’t want to work just any job
‣ I want to make more money
‣ I want to do what I love AND make money while doing it
‣ I don’t think I’m good enough to do what I really want to do
‣ I’m afraid people are judging me
‣ I spend more time working on other people’s projects than my own


Empowerment coaching will help you live the life you love!


Through our work together, you will:
‣ Clearly identify your passion and career goals
‣ Explore and uncover obstacles and look at ways to overcome them
‣ Prioritize ongoing goals and strategies to assist you in further career development
‣ Set achievable actions to move your career forward
‣ Live fully expressed in your creative career 

As in all areas of our lives, you do have choices. Instead of blaming external circumstances, it’s essential to look within to uncover how you are getting in your own way. The roadblocks we encounter are fears and disempowering stories that overwhelm our lives. By developing and committing to an empowering mindset, you can transform fear into inspired action and create the life you love.


Coaching provides a powerful and supportive container to help you gain clarity, confidence and consistency to create the creative life of your dreams.


This program supports artists and creative professionals to create the creative life of your dreams. We will get clear on your vision for your life, uncover where you are stuck and create a clear pathway forward to manifest your creative life.

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Spirit Sessions provide you with transformational and spiritual coaching to support you in anything you are dealing with in life. Whether you are stuck in a job, relationship or disempowered thoughts that no longer serve you, Spirit Sessions will provide you with more freedom, joy, love and connection with yourself and something greater.

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