Liora Sponko Coaching | speaking
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Liora loves speaking to audiences of any size to empower them to manifest their creative vision through mindset shifts, energy generation, and high-performance tools that will transform your dream into a profitable career.


She has been a speaker for Ignite, Lane Arts Council, the Ashland Art Center, the Mindful Entrepreneurs Summit, and more!


Liora has a powerful way of engaging audiences, inspiring people into action, and providing next level transformation. If you want to laugh, have some fun, and leave with real-world tools that you can implement immediately for big breakthroughs in your creative career, then Liora is the perfect speaker for you!


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Liora’s workshop helped me transform my ``excuse story`` to an empowered one. I am now excited to take action and realize my vision

Because of the workshop, I will now focus on my dream instead of my pain.

I was so moved by your talk that I had a tear in my eye. Something really resonated.