A Client’s Wish For You…

“I wish more people knew that their dreams are actually possible.”

This is what my client shared during our session last week. She wanted to be a professional artist and hired me to be her coach. Now after working together, she is supercharged about her accomplishments:

✨ Making money from selling her artwork.
✨ Confirming venues to sell her work, including markets, shops, online and commissions.
✨ Feeling uninhibited to share her work online.
✨ Enjoying a regular artistic practice.
✨ Taking on bigger, bolder projects that align with her purpose.

But most of all, she now has a toolbox of tools to use if she even gets stuck– if fear shows up or if she gets in a funk. Before we started, she didn’t realize that she had these tools right there waiting for her.

She is now in alignment with her purpose, is super clear on what she wants, and has a powerful view of life. She is now attracting opportunities with ease!

This is why I do what I do. I love working with people to realize their creative dreams. 

I believe your dreams are not an accident. They are meant for you and are actually possible.

I am excited to share I am launching a 10-week group coaching program for visual artists. The Creative Success Accelerator will provide you with mindset tools and business strategies to be a paid, professional artist right away.

I am partnering with a business coach, Patricia Morrison, to provide you with the exact business strategies you need to sell your work online or in physical spaces. You not only get two coaches, but you will be supported by a community of artists, just like you.

Schedule your free Breakthrough Session with me today and learn how you can make your creative dreams a reality.

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