A Place Within Me

I am hanging out on a white sandy beach in Nusa Lembongan, Bali with Macedonian and Dutch women travelers. We are laughing and exchanging stories about our travels. I share that I did not plan any aspect of my trip—AT ALL. Each day I decide where I am going to go and I find places to stay once I arrive.

The Macedonian woman, who is pretty adventurous herself, is impressed and says, “Wow, you must travel a lot!”

Not really! I mean, not compared to other global adventurers. I did live in Spain and Costa Rica and I traveled to a few more places as well. But during the last 12 years, I only traveled internationally to Romania with my mother and also went to Mexico.

Traveling is definitely an incredible way to be adventurous and grow personally. But what my traveler friend was seeing wasn’t because I travel a lot. What was being expressed was the travel I do in my mind.

For many years, I have been committed to personal development work. I have taken workshops, participated in retreats and immensely value the work I do with coaches and therapists. I have uncovered and continue to discover ways of being that keep me stuck.

Typically I try to control situations so I don’t lose, or I become reactive when things don’t work out perfectly. But now, as I’m on this trip in Bali, I see the impact of inner journey and notice something new is emerging. Instead of being controlling, I pay attention to the messages around me and I allow my intuition to guide my decisions. I am so much more trusting of myself than I have ever been.

Things don’t always go my way. Like when a ride doesn’t show up or if it takes me over an hour in the hot sun to find a place to say. But in the end, if I trust myself and make decisions that truly empower me, then things ultimately work out. The universe wants me to succeed and is rallying people and energy to support me. It’s truly an incredible experience.

This place within me is allowing a more easygoing, relaxed, joyful and adventurous Liora to show up. Where I can truly and enjoy my month-long date with Bali and connect more deeply with myself. I am so grateful.

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