Are You Feeling Extra Tired These Days?

Maybe it’s because you’re indoors more than usual, on your computers more than usual, or your exercise schedule is out of whack.

It’s easy to lay in bed all day, scroll through social media, and not feel like doing much of anything, especially now.

Last week many of my clients shared they were feeling a lack of energy or motivation to work on their creative projects.

I get that what’s going on right now is a BIG distraction and is really scary. And sometimes taking more rest is exactly what you need. But most of the time, we actually want to be in action, but can’t seem to get there.

What I’ve learned and practiced over the years, is that no matter what you are dealing with– low energy, lack of motivation, lack of ambition– you can GENERATE your own energy.

It’s often the case that thoughts, feelings and disempowering stories we have about ourselves are the very things that drain our energy. Our mind is filled with fear-based thoughts that suck the energy right out of us.

You can generate your own energy by shifting any thought that doesn’t serve you. Let go of any “not good enough” thoughts or fear of scarcity or fear of failure.

At any moment, you can shift your perspective and connect to inspiration, joy and creativity.

Here is a quick hack. Let’s try it now:

✨Take a deep breath.
✨Connect to your vision for your creative career.
✨If anything were possible, what would you want?
✨What would it feel like to have that?
✨Who would get to be?
✨How would you show up for yourself?

Is it happy, loved or joyful? Maybe being confident and seen? Or being abundant?

Now take on that feeling and hold onto it NOW. Feel into that energy of your vision. You don’t have to wait for the future to feel inspired, happy, loved and joyful. Be the energy of your future vision, now!

It feels good to feel good and give yourself permission to feel good!❤️

Your energy is your biggest resource.

With this new way of showing up for yourself, you may feel more motivation to take on your project. Take one just step forward and you will build momentum from there!

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