Artists Sunday Celebrates YOU!

I often hear I am “passionate” about my work. It’s true. I am passionate about coaching artists!

Artists are the soul of our society. 

You help us view the world in a different light, you create beauty, and you bring us together. You are the reason our existence is brighter, happier, and more understandable. 

I know it takes something to share your work and put yourself out there like that. Your art is part of who you are. It’s part of your soul, your identity, your imagination and your expression. I get that sharing your work can be very vulnerable and exposing. 

After working together, a client recently shared, “I am more willing to take risks and more confidence to take bigger action.”

It’s time we all take bigger action to put artists in the forefront of society. 

I am excited be on a team helping to promote the inaugural Artists Sunday. Artists Sunday is celebrated between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. The day is dedicated to encouraging consumers to shop with artists and give something special, unique, and hand-crafted this holiday season.

We are creating a movement. Not only do we want the world to purchase art from artists, we want people to really understand the importance of artists in our world. 

Join the site or just put yourself out there in a bigger way. Share your work on social media or reach out to people you know and show them your work.

Contact me if I can help you break free from constraints and share yourself with the world.

It’s time to elevate the cultural view of artists and elevate our own view of ourselves. 

Photo by Raamin ka on Unsplash

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