Do you struggle with structuring and prioritizing your work?

Here are the exact steps to Becoming a Powerhouse and setting yourself up for success to accomplish your goals:

1.    Connect to your vision for yourself as an artist and entrepreneur. 
Create a vision that inspires you and is aligned with what you want.

2.    Declare what you want.
Be bold in saying and sharing what you want!

3.    Prioritize your goals.
✨ All actions you take you take must align with your vision.

4.    Plan Your Work.
Write down your goals into a work plan. Include your art/creative goals and your business goals.

5.    Work Your Plan.
Put reminders on your calendar or phone.
✨ Find an accountability buddy (i.e. coach, partner, friend, artist collective)

6.    Be 100% committed and 100% responsible.
✨ Notice if fears and stories show up. Take action anyways!
✨ Prioritize your time and energy. This can mean saying no to requests that  don’t align with your vision and don’t give you energy.

7.    Allow inspiration to move through you.
Take on an empowered mindset.
✨ Use this energy to motivate your next step.

And of course, enjoy the process!

Photo by Chris Curry on Unsplash

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