Believe Your Vision is Possible

Happy New Year! 🎉  Hope you had a great one or made the best of it. 

We just started 2021, so let’s keep talking about your vision for the year!

Have you been working on your vision? Or are you putting it off because you’re doing other things? Do you believe new year’s resolutions are a waste of time and they won’t be realized? 

Not a problem! I get you might be feeling cynical, unmotivated, or maybe overwhelmed.

Let me help you simplify this whole thing. Here are seven steps to create and realize your vision for the year:👇🏾

1. Pick one thing you want to manifest this year (relationship, job, creative pursuit, money, etc.). You probably want to accomplish many things! But focus on the main thing you REALLY want. A breakthrough in this area will give you energy to manifest other areas.  

2. Connect to the energy behind your vision. How does it feel? Act “as if” you have what you want, now. Allow this energy to radiate out. It should feel really good and inspiring!

3. Notice any fears or concerns that show up. Can I really have that? Am I worthy of it? Allow your fears to be there without any wrongness or shame.

4. Believe what you want is possible. The universe so badly wants you to fulfill on your desires. The problem is, we get in our own way! We don’t believe in ourselves and believe what we want is possible. 

✨Remind yourself you are worthy of your deepest desires and what you want is possible!✨

5. Take inspired action aligned with what you want. When you are inspired by your vision, you will be empowered to take action!

6. Let go of specific outcomes. Let go of control of how or when it happen. Trust it WILL happen.

7. Connect to the highest version of yourself. Like attracts like– when you live high vibe, your dreams will attract towards you. 

The key is to feel good and and love your life now! You will live into our dreams, perhaps when you least expect it♡

Top photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

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