Can Integrity Be FUN?!

In my coaching programs for artists, we talk about living with integrity. Sometimes I hear or sense rumblings of discomfort. 

Do you get an adverse reaction when you hear the word integrity? What does it mean to you? 

Demonstrating integrity can mean following through on what you say you are going to do. This can look like getting your proposal in on time, arriving places on time, keeping your house clean, etc. If can also mean following through on your commitments to yourself, like painting or writing everyday, exercising, eating healthy, sleeping, etc.

However, integrity is not just about the stuff you are “supposed” to do.

On a deeper level, integrity means taking really good care of your mindset and energy: how you talk to yourself, how you love yourself and if you allow yourself to experience joy.

If you are trying to practice integrity by DOING things but your head is full of judgement and complaints about yourself or someone else, then something crucial is missing in your integrity practice. 

Let go of thoughts like, “I have so many things to do.” Instead, take on integrity as a way of BEING– a way of showing up for yourself where you are empowered, loving and joyful. That’s when you will take action on the things you committed to. You will find freedom and flow in INSPIRED ACTION!

What would your life be like if your actions mirrored your love for yourself?

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

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