Clutter is the Chaos of Our Mind

I used to be a super messy person. You wouldn’t totally know it. If you walked in my house you would think it’s clean enough. But I realized how messy I was while moving out of my place in Eugene.

Every drawer and cabinet was over-filled with so much stuff from my 12 years of living there. After days of cleaning, I bagged up and donated/threw away over 30 bags of stuff! My landlady was watching me laughing wondering how I could even fit all that stuff in my one bedroom place!😆

Clutter is the chaos of our mind. Having a messy house connects to a messy mind. I remember running around town going to several meetings all day and I often didn’t feel truly present. I would be thinking about what I should be doing or didn’t do right.

Hustle. Overwhelm. Exhaustion.

This plant was given to me several years ago when my dog died. I almost killed this plant because I was “too busy” to pay attention and give it what it needed.

I now live in an even smaller place and I love it. I don’t have that much stuff and everything has its place. I’m forced to clean regularly and even make my bed each day just because I can no longer avoid it.

I am eliminating the clutter and simplifying my life to give space for something greater. I’m walking more. I am meditating more. Most importantly, I am breathing more.

Simplicity. Intention. Presence.

We don’t have to working towards our goals to experience this connection. We can just slow down and breathe through it all.

Where have you not been present in your life? What is there to clean up in your space and in your mind to find more outer and inner peace?

It’s time for spring cleaning!

✨ Make your bed each day
​✨ Get rid of the clutter in your space.
✨ Go for walks throughout the day
✨ Enjoy the sunshine on your face
✨ Say “thank you” as much as possible
✨ Breathe and connect at any moment

Instead of being in hustle or overwhelm, connect to the joy of it all. As I practice this, you won’t be surprised to hear that I am just as productive– if not more.

And my plant is coming back to life!🪴

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