Discomfort is the Currency of Your Dreams

I was in Spiritual Coaching Training all weekend. For many years, I dreamt of being a spiritual coach. My clients go deep and benefit from spiritual coaching as part of our work together.

I knew this training would help me connect more deeply to my own spirituality as well, but had no idea how much I would be confronted. In practice sessions, we would coach and be coached by each other, so we really got to dive deep into our own stuff.

I was pretty much crying all weekend– I so confronted by my fears, not enough stories and lack of trust in myself. There were moments I was even feeling so angry at people and would blame them instead of looking within.

But my amazing fellow coaches were just there with me in all of my emotions and discomfort. They didn’t need to change me or change anything I was feeling. As they held space for me, I was able to finally see that little Liora was showing up, wanting to be loved and healed. I gave her exactly what she needed, the intense emotions started to fade, and I started transforming fear into something greater.

The lead coach said, “it’s uncomfortable when it’s time to step into who we are meant to be.”‚ÄčūüĒ•

Many of my clients also experience discomfort when they dive into the blocks and constraints that hold them back. It’s not always easy to go there. It’s definitely not comfortable as we begin face the stuff we don’t want to face. 

In my personal experience and in my work in clients, I can promise you this:

‚ú®Discomfort is the currency of your dreams‚ú®

When you are uncomfortable, it means you are on the right track! You are courageously willing to peel back the layers and get to the source of it all. This is where you really get to uncover your true, authentic, loving, creative, imperfect self. 

When you connect in this way, you truly get the struggle is an opportunity to grow. This is the pathway for your deepest desires and when you connect to the magic of manifestation.

During our closing meditation, I couldn’t stop crying. But this time, it was out of joy and gratitude! I no longer need to struggle, or control or fix. When I let go of fears and stories, I am free and present to all the miracles in my life– all my dreams are coming true!

My upcoming workshop series, Creating a Living Practice to Energize and Realize Your Vision, will lay the foundation to fulfill any dream your desire.

In this three-part series, you will come away with:

-Clarity on your vision for yourself as an entrepreneur, leader, or creative professional

-Mindset tools to transform fear and blocks into power and action

-Confidence in who you are and how you are meant so serve

-A daily morning and reflective practice to energize your day

-A connection to flow, gratitude and fun throughout your journey

-An action and accountability plan to realize your goals

Dates: Thursdays March 18, 25 and April 1 from 4:00-5:30pm Pacific.

Investment: $75 for the three-part series.


-Readiness to take on your life and your goals

BONUS! If you register by Friday March 12, I will gift you a free coaching session that incorporates tools I learned in my Spiritual Coaching Training. Email me that you registered!

Let’s uncover the pathway to your dreamsūüíę

Artwork by Jill Meyer

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