Do You Choose Fear or Feeling Good?

I’ve been up and down through all of this. But over the past week and this weekend, I’ve stayed pretty positive. I finally started sleeping well, developed a consistent exercise and meditation practice, had powerful calls with clients, and developed programs for artists and creatives to help them get through this. I wanted to be part of the solution.

I even took on projects that I’ve been avoiding, like rearranging my living room! I was feeling pretty good considering everything that is going on.

But yesterday afternoon, a close friend reached out to me and shared his enormous fear and grief. I’ve talked with so many people, but this one hit hard. My energy immediately shifted and there I was crying on the couch feeling more helpless than ever, paralyzed by fear, and not wanting to do anything.

I could see the stark difference: my empowered self in one minute, and my powerless self another.

I realized that nothing in that moment had changed, except I had chosen to take on fear-based thoughts.

If I were to stay in this fear, I would have probably stayed on the couch the rest of the night, continued to feel like shit, and be unproductive the whole week.

One thought could spiral this whole trajectory.

That means I could just as quickly choose a different thought. I could choose the mindset and energy that would have me feel good.

So I did just that. I took some deep breaths and remembered I was safe at this moment. I decided to let go of fear. I found relief by calling my sister. I decided to connect back to who I actually am, the empowered self who wants to make a difference for people.

I got back to work and wrote this blog instead😄

Last Saturday many artists attended my Meet-Up for Artists and Creatives. It was an incredible group who shared the following fears and concerns that were stopping them from their creative goals:

👉🏽Lack of connection
👉🏽Loss of love
👉🏽Lack of self-care
👉🏽Disconnection from self and source
👉🏽Lack of creativity

Which one is the strongest for you? Maybe many of them.

The fears are valid. But you don’t have to be stuck with them. Are you willing to choose a mindset where you can re-align to who you actually are? Here are some questions to consider:

✨What can you let go of?
✨How can you find relief?
✨How can you take really good care of yourself?
✨How can your creativity be part of your healing?
✨What is the opportunity in all of this?
✨What is your creative vision and who do you get to become, no matter what?

We really do get to choose.

Photo by Brendan Church on Unsplash

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