Everything is Figureoutable

Marie Forleo coined the phrase, “everything is figureoutable.”

I reminded myself that all day Sunday.

I knew for a few months now that I would be moving. I planned it all out– my new place, packing, donating stuff, the movers, the uhaul, storage unit, cleaning, mail…. you know all the things!

Moving is just so overwhelming to me. I hate dealing with stuff. I hate organizing. I hate packing and moving when I could be doing something fun instead!

Planning ahead of time helped me manage it all. I would spread it all out over the month of February so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed. I had everything scheduled perfectly and I would move next weekend.

Saturday night I was in Eugene packing and it all turned upside down. For too many reasons to explain, my moving plans changed. Suddenly I was faced with packing and moving in ONE DAY by the end of the weekend!

I was so stressed and crying so I went for a long walk that evening. I reminded myself to breathe, release control of how things should have been and know I would figure this out. 

On Sunday I still hiked and worked out that morning so I would feel good all day. I found movers that would come in a few hours, found a new storage unit (had to drive around town to find one since everything was closed on Sunday!), got a moving truck and pretty much packed my whole place in a few hours. 

By 4pm, it was all done and I was on the road to Bend. I did it. Exhausted, but I did it!

Being a planner can be quite useful! It can help us accomplish so much. But how do you react when things don’t go as planned? 

I realized the biggest hurdle for me was releasing control and perfection. This way of being gives me a false sense of safety. But when I surrender control, I truly trust things will work out.

Everything is figureoutable! And honestly, living with surrender and trust is just a more easeful way to live.

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