Fear Is Our Friend

The other day I was totally overwhelmed with fear. I was working on a project and I wasn’t making any progress. I was taking some action, but was feeling so afraid I would fail! The fear and overwhelm was almost debilitating and for several days I was grumpy, confused and totally just blah…

I knew I was dealing with fear. I knew fear is a common and valid experience. But I still had it that something was wrong. I had it that the fear shouldn’t be there– like there was something wrong with me.

Do have it that there is something wrong with fear?

The true breakthrough came when I really got connected 
​to a new view of fear. 

​​Many of our fears started when we were young. They were created to protect ourselves. There to keep us safe. So, can’t you see– our fear has always been our friend! Seriously, one of our best friends ever!

As we evolve and grow as people, our fear can evolve and grow with us. When the fear shows up, it means we are up to something! We are on the right track! It means keep going!!!

Rather than pushing her away, I embraced the fear and listened to her. I saw fear as an old, dear friend. I made peace with her. And together we decided to keep moving forward on my project. 

But this time I felt more freedom, confidence and joy in my work. And if you would guess, I actually produced results beyond my wildest dreams.

Recap to remember next time fear shows up: 
✨ Fear is our friend.
✨ Fear means we are up to something.
✨ Fear means we are on the right track.
✨ Embrace all aspects of you.
✨ Fear is our ultimate guide.

Hope this brings you peace and power right now.​

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

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