Find the FUN!

Life seems to be so serious these days, right? We spend so much time worrying about our businesses, careers, families, and our futures.

Especially during the pandemic, we are concerned about our health and money and likely dealing with loneliness, fear and other concerns. I get it and your concerns are valid, but it can be overwhelming to live like this all the time.

I notice I get really focused on my work, coaching, and projects where I become pretty serious, focused and well…just consumed by it all. 

It’s time to have more FUN!

Having fun might look different than before. You’re probably not hanging out with your friends, going out for drinks or dinner, or seeing live music.

It might take some intention to create more fun in your life. What does that look like for you?

I have been enjoying the outdoors more than ever before, taking road trips, laughing with friends on phone/text, dancing in my kitchen, and listening to less serious podcasts. 

Find the fun!

Even if things feel hard, which I know they do, find the time and space to reconnect to the lighter side of yourself. Shifting your energy in this way will allow you to bring greater joy to any project you are working on. 

When we experience joy and fun in life, we are more inspired and produce better results in anything we are working on.

Do you believe that? Give it a try!

​​My homework for you this week is to create moments of joy, fun, and laughter. 

​​It feels good to feel good and you deserve to feel good!!!

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

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