From Darkness to Light✨

Wow, we officially have been living in the pandemic for a year. Remember back then when none of us knew what the heck to expect? At first, I was like, we’re fine! Then it all felt really real. The fear and anxiety kicked in. Then the sadness and loneliness…

But now, it’s different. Now I’m connected to a greater inspiration than ever before✨

We’ve all probably experienced highs and lows over the year. Has it been hard for you? No matter how hard this has been for all of us, I believe something greater is emerging.

Throughout the year I spent a lot of time by myself. Many times I was quite confronted! I didn’t get to see and be with the people I love and felt quite lonely.

But instead of pushing those feelings away, I worked with them. I hired therapists and coaches to help me connect to what I was dealing with and what wants to emerge. Through my work, I practiced letting go of control and fear of uncertainty and replaced it with self-awareness, confidence and self-love.

Everyday I worked out, hiked, practiced yoga, meditation and gratitude. Everyday I confronted my fears and limiting beliefs and chose to transform myself to a more authentic, empowered self.

Through all of my work, I received so many gifts. I got a new job that I love. I built my coaching business and attracted my perfect clients. I moved to my dream town. I connected with so many people remotely. Even if I am physically alone, I feel more connected to people than ever before.

The biggest gift is my profound connection to gratitude. I am so grateful that I did and will continue to do my deepest work. I am grateful I don’t let fear stop me anymore. I am grateful I can let go of control and forcing things to be a certain way. Instead I am more trusting of my path and am present to the amazing gifts all around me.

✨Our lives transform when we are ready to face the darkness
​and allow the light to emerge✨

As hard as this year has been, I believe we are collectively shifting into a space of more self-awareness, vulnerability and deeper connection with each other.

While we have been dealing with so much over the year, the pandemic has allowed us to break down so we can build ourselves up. We get to connect to deeper parts of ourselves and what is truly important to us.

We are collectively emerging from the pandemic and collectively transforming who we are. We get to be intentional of how show up, what we care about, how we connect to each other, and the difference we want to make💗

Thank you for doing your work and being part of our collective inspiration. Let me know if I can support you on your journey💫

Photo by Mary Sill on Unsplash

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