Fun “Homework” for You!

I am not sure exactly how far I hiked yesterday, maybe 10 miles? My legs are super sore and my heart is light. It was just me, the trail, the creek and my thoughts.

I was thinking about my clients and how several of them chose to walk, hike or exercise as part of their “homework” this past week. Isn’t that the best homework?🙌🏽

My clients decided to make this commitment because they know that getting outside and getting exercise will contribute to their creativity and overall state of mind.

Sometimes we force things to happen or wait for creativity and inspiration to hit us upside the head. Have you had the experience of putting off a project because you weren’t feeling creative or inspired enough? Most of us have.

As your routines have changed over the last few weeks and you’re inside more than usual, you could be feeling extra tired or just not have the energy to do much. I get that.

But you don’t have to be stuck like this. I believe we don’t have to wait for creativity and inspiration to arrive. We don’t have to be lethargic all day if we don’t want to. We can create and generate energy and inspiration.

It looks different for each of us. It could be going for a hike (safely!), walking, yoga, or dancing. Moving our bodies creates a new energy to flow through us. And it takes something to do these things, especially when we don’t feel like it.

May 2020 is my anniversary of hiking EVERY DAY for THREE YEARS! (I’ve skipped days when I was out of town or if I was sick.) But for the most part, I wake up and hike every single morning. Crazy, eh?

Do you think I feel like hiking every morning? Actually I don’t at all! 😆Sometimes I wake up feeling super tired, or grumpy, or I just want to lay in bed and scroll on my phone.

But I get up and go anyways. Even if it’s pouring rain or snowing. I am often dragging myself to the top and have all sorts of disempowered thoughts swirling around my head.

Every single time I get to the top, I am happy and grateful. I literally send out gratitude to the sunrise and mountains. This daily practice helps me shift my mindset so I can be full of inspiration throughout my day.

🌟 What daily practice inspires you?⭐️

This is your fun homework! Will you take it on?

Take action, no matter what, and let me know what becomes available for you.

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