Go Through It To Get Through It

I truly believe the internal work produces the external results. That means if you want to achieve your creative and business dreams, you have to FEEL GOOD!☀️

I get that we don’t always feel good. Sometimes feeling good feels so far away. I get this because I too get into funks all the time. I know what it’s like to deal with anxiety, depression and cry and not know why. When I am in that state of being, nothing feels accessible and there’s no way I feel like creating or building my life.

My new mantra is this:


We no longer have to run away from what makes us sad or what triggers fear. We no longer have to avoid it or to pretend to busy so we don’t feel the pain.

The breakthrough is going through the hard stuff. Facing it head on. And doing so without shame or making ourselves wrong. 

That’s the work I do with my clients. We explore what they are dealing with so they can build tools to transform it, and finally feel good.

My clients take on this transformational work and produce incredible results. One client is so energized she is writing everyday and about to finish and publish her second book! Another client is selling her paintings and workshops and continually creating new offerings!

It takes something to face the hard stuff. But my new mantra guides my personal life and work with clients.

I would love to be your partner in crime to help you go through it to get through it. Let’s create energy, joy and results in your life, creative work and business. 

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