Habits in Hard Times

A friend reached out and asked my advice on creating habits during hard times like these. With the pandemic still going and fires in the west still raging, it can feel challenging (or even impossible) to create a new habits.

Are you dealing with this?

Here are my top 7 tips on creating new habits during hard times.

l going and fires in the west still raging, it can feel challenging (or even impossible) to create a new habits.

Are you dealing with this?

Here are my top 7 tips on creating new habits during hard times.

1. Mindset matters. Even though a lot happening in your life or in the world, don’t let fear, overwhelm or the uncertain future distract you from your goals. Allow emotion to be there, but free yourself of the mindset that you can’t build new habits in this hard time. 

2. Commit to yourself. Tell yourself what you are going to do and how often.  Are you going to exercise, write, create art or meditate everyday? I know things are different and you may need to change how you approach your new commitment. Let go of the expectation that things should be a certain way. Commit to a new habit without allowing the fear to stop you!

3.Connect to your why. Why is this important to you? Will it help you reach your goals? Will you feel more energized? Will you be able to make a difference for people? Keep digging deeper until you get to an incredibly inspired place. Come back to your why anytime you need that reminder. 

4Set yourself up for success. Prepare ahead of time by getting everything ready. Clean your office or art studio, get your workout clothes out the night before, etc. You may want to commit to a particular time each day. This will help you to roll into your new habit without having to think about it too much.

5. Create a structure for accountability. Share your commitment with your partner, family member or friend. Ask them to support you by giving you time, space or holding you accountable to  your commitment. 

6. Take action anyways!  Let go of any excuses that show up—”I don’t feel like it,” “There is so much going on!” “I’m too tired,” etc. Just take action even if your mindset wants to tell you otherwise.

7. Get complete with yourself. If you miss a day, let go of any wrongness or shame before you go to bed. Recommit to your habit for tomorrow. You don’t want to let one day ruin your entire practice. We’re human and give yourself grace.

As you take on your new habit each day, you will feel inspired and empowered by your ability to commit to yourself and produce results. This will also motivate you to keep moving forward!

Let me know if this was helpful and feel free to email me your commitment to yourself (it will empower you)!

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