Homage to Artists

Artists provide incredible value to humanity.

When I’m dancing to live music, attending an artist talk, or listening to my friend play music and sing– my heart is full. At that moment, I connect to myself in a deep and meaningful way.

I finally get to be vulnerable. I get to experience any emotion that shows up. Authenticity is not only available, but required.

I am so grateful to artists for creating experiences, like these. They so courageously share themselves with the world, and allow us to experience life in an incredibly impactful way.

Yet the work of an artist is never done. After the exhibition or performance, and when they are not creating their art, artists continue to do the work. The way they observe, think, reflect, and take care of themselves is part of the practice. Every single way of being and they way they see the world, is part of their creative process.

The sum of who they are is represented in their art: their stories, their pain, and their joy. They help us understand what it means to be human.

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