How Will You Emerge?

One of my clients shared she doesn’t want to go into new normal with the same life from before the pandemic.

I completely agree!

This is the perfect time to reflect on the past as we step back into the world. Let’s map out some possibilities of what life was, is and will be like for you.

πŸ›‘ Before the pandemic
Always busy, running around and doing all sorts of stuff.
β—‡ Hanging out with people but not always present with them.
β—‡ Doing things for other people more than for yourself.

🟠 During the pandemic
β—‡ Being confronted by it all.
β—‡ Dealing with loss of some kind.
β—‡ Feeling the heaviness of an uncertain future.
β—‡ Becoming more aware of ourselves, our patterns, our fears, and where we are stopped.
β—‡ Slowing down and building clarity on what we want.

🟒 Re-emergence
β—‡ Letting go of the things that no longer serves us.
β—‡ Choosing how we show up in this world.
β—‡ Creating more energy and space in our lives.
β—‡ Connecting with people in a more meaningful way.

For every breakdown there is a breakthrough. As hard as it’s been, we have collectively grown so much. Now we can shed, reset and create a new way of showing up for ourselves and for people in the world.

Top photo byΒ Liz Sanchez-VegasΒ onΒ Unsplash

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