It’s Time to Envision Your Year!

Many of you are ready to be done with 2020, right? 

​​With the new year upon us, now the perfect time to reflect on the past year and be ready for 2021.

I know 2020 has been an unexpected and confronting year. Maybe even incredibly hard! Instead of thinking about all that horrible things that happened to you, reflect on your internal self. 

​​Reflect on how you showed up this year, what you were dealing with, and what you learned about yourself. 

The most powerful practice is to forgive yourself for anything and everything that still has a hold on you. 

Let go of any shame or self-blame that’s still haunting you. Maybe you were in a challenging relationship or didn’t fulfill on your goals. When you truly let go of the past, you will experience a sense of freedom, power and clarity in your life. 

​​T​​his is when you will be ready to envision your future!

Take out your journal (or any notebook or paper), find a quiet place and connect to your vision for 2021. Your vision can include your business/career, art-making, career, relationship, spirituality– any area of your life.  

Here are some questions to reflect upon:
✨ What would you be doing if you had zero limits?
✨ What would your life look like?
✨ What would you be creating?
✨ Who would you connect with?
✨ What impact do you want to make?

🔥 Most importantly, what sets your heart on fire?🔥

Don’t worry about how you will actually accomplish your vision. Connect to what your heart desires and trust yourself!

Now, imagine… what it would feel like if you had all of that. What if you had everything you wanted? Just feel into that feeling. It feels amazing and exciting, right?

Well, you no longer have to wait to be happy. You can feel that way now! When you create an inspiring vision, the possibility of this vision will give you energy now! 

This is the energy that will propel you to take action and accomplish your goals.

I love working with my clients to envision and realize their futures. Whether you want to create more art, build your business, sustain healthy practices, or increase your self-awareness, I can help you! Contact me and we can schedule a time for your free Breakthrough Session.

I believe what you want, wants you.

Top photo by Moritz Knöringer on Unsplash

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