It’s Your Turn

I was on a coaching call with a client, a visual artist, who shared she wasn’t meeting her creative and business goals. We discussed how her need for perfectionism was showing up again, which stopped her from taking action. I asked her, what action will you take to have a breakthrough in this area? She declared she would share herself vulnerably with her client group. This is challenging for a perfectionist, whose core identity wants her to look good and be perfect. She just emailed and told me she shared with her group, and is finally ready to let go of perfectionism and build her business without fear stopping her!

You know when you feel butterflies in your stomach or your heart pounding? It means it’s your turn.

Same week I am on a coaching call with another client, a writer. We explored why she wasn’t reaching her writing goals each day. She would sit down to write, but would stop after a few hundred words or so. She would get up to get a snack or drink or tell herself she was too tired. We explored what was really getting in her way. We uncovered that her “not good enough” story was showing up for her. I asked her, what action will you take to have a breakthrough in this area?  She decided that she would stop making excuses, face her fears and discomfort, and write for an hour a day no matter what. Her book will be finished in less than a month!

Move towards your fears to find your breakthroughs.

I totally get that facing your fears and taking that dreaded action may not seem possible. But would you rather avoid your dreams or face your fears?

Being confronted shows us the path we need to go. Fear is our guide. When fear shows up, we no longer have to avoid it or maneuver around it. It’s time to step towards it.

I ask you, what action will you take to have a breakthrough in your life, creative work and business?

Photo by Vlad Kutepov on Unsplash

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