Make a Living as an Artist🌟

I’ve led dozens of group coaching programs and workshops for artists and creative professionals. And I still had concerns and constraints about launching my upcoming group coaching program.

Back in May, I sat by the river and asked myself, why am I not taking action on this important goal?

These are the concerns I was dealing with….
▪️ Do I really want to do all the work right now? 
▪️ Will it be too hard and chaotic?
▪️ Wouldn’t it just be easier to enjoy a fun summer?

But that all felt inauthentic. They were just fears and concerns, but really didn’t have much merit.

Why do we have it that work has to be so hard?

When we are aligned with our vision, the things we want don’t have to be hard. I know I can have fun and ease while doing what I want to do. Hell yeah to that! 🙌🏽

The past few months (in addition to kayaking and having a fab summer:) I have been building my new group coaching program for visual artists. It’s going to be better than ever!🔥 In partnership with Business Coach for Artists, Patricia Morrison, the Creative Success Accelerator will provide you with mindset and business strategies to make a living as an artist. 

Through your participation in the program, you will:
⭐️ Build your career as a professional artist
⭐️ Make money as an artist
⭐️ Learn how to sell your work at markets, online, through commissions, and/or teaching
⭐️ Be uninhibited to share and talk about your work 
⭐️ Develop regular art-making habits
⭐️ Live with purpose and passion!

Schedule your free Breakthrough Session with me today and learn how you can get these results, and fast.

You no longer have put off your deepest desires. And it doesn’t have to be hard! I am here for you and so excited to work with you.

P.S. This program focuses on live coaching from two coaches so I intentionally keep the program small and intimate. Space is super limited-– schedule your call with me now!

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