Marketing Yourself= Being YOU!

Are you someone who loves creating your work but doesn’t like to promote, market or sell your work? I hear this time and time again from artists and creative professionals. 

Often people think they need to learn marketing skills or hire someone to do the marketing. Yes, that can help… eventually. But the first step is to do the internal work first.​​

The key to marketing is to show up powerfully for yourself 
and your audiences.

Here are some key questions to explore:

✨ What is your view of marketing and sales? Do your consider “sales” to be slimy? Let of of that view and take on a more empowering one. One of my clients, for example, used to think sales was a sneaky way to get something from people. Through our work together, she saw that marketing is not only creative in itself, but a way to be of service to people. People want to know about your gifts!

✨ How do you feel about yourself and your work? I can understand the fear around sharing, showing, promoting your work– either online or in person. Are you willing to be seen and show up, even if it’s scary?  Take on being vulnerable, authentic and fully self-expressed! The more confident you are in yourself or your work, the more you will be able to promote yourself freely. 

✨ How can you be of service for your clients? Be curious of what your clients want and need. Ask them questions and get to know them and their interests. Just be great with them and provide them with the best service possible. This could mean regular check ins, thank you notes, free gifts, etc. 

✨ What can you learn from the process? As you are marketing and selling your work, take on a mindset of experimentation and learning. Any step forward is a step forward. You will continue to learn and evolve as you go. We are going for progress not perfection!

This work is about your WILLINGNESS to show up for yourself and your audiences in a vulnerable, authentic and self-expressed way. The more your put yourself out there, the more your people will find you.

Photo by Tina Witherspoon on Unsplash

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