Meditation Made Easy

Lots of people want to meditate more (or at all), but say they don’t have time.

Have you said this too?!

I have for sure! But if you really think about, we really do have time to meditate. What’s really stopping us are internal conversations like:

📛 I don’t know how!
📛 I am not doing it right!
📛 I need to do it for hours for it to work!

Are those the type of conversations stopping you from your meditation practice?

Let go of all of these conversations and let go of any expectation of yourself. Allow your practice to be yours and unfold with ease and without expectation.

✨The key is to find intentional moments to breathe and connect✨

Here are some steps to launch you to create a practice that is doable and inspiring to you!:

💫 Let go of what it should look like. Some people have a disciplined daily practice of 20 minutes to 2 hours a day. Let go of any expectation your practice needs to be like that. Instead, start with micro-moments– even just 60 seconds when you wake up or before bed.

💫 Focus on your breath. Use your breath as the anchor to your practice to remind yourself to breathe deeply. Lately my clients have been practicing breathing out what they are letting go of (fear, anxiety, not good enough stories) and breathing in what we want more of (love, light, trust).

💫 Connect to whatever is there for you. Sometimes in meditation I ask myself, “What is there for me? What am I dealing with?” When I ask the question, I can be surprised of what shows up. I allow any thoughts and emotions to show up. I allow myself to just be with it (even if it’s confronting!)

💫 Connect to your vision for your life. Think of the future you want to create for your life. What inspires you? What does it look like? Most importantly what does feel like? Reconnect to your why and the difference you want to make.

💫 Connect to gratitude. Gratitude is an incredible tool to connect to the present moment and can be part of your meditation practice. What are you celebrating? What are you proud of? What have you accomplished? How have you made a difference for people? Feel everything you are grateful for. Sometimes this practice moves me to tears.

💫 Bring your practice into your daily life. You don’t have to be sitting on a meditation cushion to practice breath work, meditation and mindfulness. Practice deep, intentional breathing on walks, while you wash dishes, and in between transitions in your day. Empower your day with sprinkles of intention whenever you remember.

Make any and all of it yours! There is no way it has to be. Trust yourself and what you need. Whether it’s a few connective moments or a deeper transformational process, take on this practice where you feel good, clear, and empowered in your practice and throughout your day.

Are you ready to launch into your practice?​​

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Photo by John Peters on Unsplash

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