Now is the Time to Deepen our Spiritual Practice

I will be the first to admit that I got into the fear and swirl of it all. So many “what if’s” and fear-based thoughts had me at home on Friday crying and totally unproductive.

I could see that I was operating from an overwhelming fear and fear of the unknown.

I finally decided to take care of myself and use my tools. I decided that a fear-based mindset was not healthy for me and would not solve anything. I decided that I would take things step at a time and not let fear run the show.

I hiked. I took a nap. I meditated. I practiced yoga. I called friends and family. I journaled. But mostly, I shifted my mindset to faith and trust.

I know the pathway forward is to take good care of our bodies, minds and spirits. We can take precaution and be aware of what’s happening, while staying centered and connected. When we create a healthy mindset, stay connected on our spiritual paths, we can strengthen our bodies’ ability to stay healthy.

I am now more empowered to not only take care of myself, but to be part of the solution.

We can’t control what is happening in the world, but we can choose our mindset and how we take care of ourselves.

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