Surrender Control and Get Exactly What You Want

If you are anything like me, you like to control the outcome… of anything and everything!

We like to control things and force a certain outcome because it makes us feel safe. The fear of uncertainty can feel unbearable, right?! If we can control the outcome, then it feels like we create a certain stability in our lives. 

Why do we cling to safety?​​

Perhaps we are dealing with regrets from the past, mistakes we made or achievements we didn’t win. At some point, likely when we were younger, we said: Never Again!

Never again will we be hurt like that. Never again will we make that mistake. Never again will we be in that much pain.

Therefore in order to avoid getting hurt, we control our circumstances. This shows up in our businesses, at work, in our relationships– all areas of our lives. 

But there is a cost. By being so controlling, we feel anxious, nervous, overwhelmed and just exhausted from working so hard. 

Does this sound like you? This is me.

My primary mantra these days is: Surrender. Surrender the control. Surrender the outcome. Surrender the need for certainty.

We are dealing with so much uncertainty now. So surrendering might feel extra challenging, I get it. But what if this is the perfect and exact time to build trust and faith?

When I practice surrendering and letting go, something really amazing happens. As I peel the layers, I discover someone underneath it all. 

She is happy, joyful and free. She’s ready to enjoy all aspects of life– even the stuff that wants to derail her. Instead she connects with her own power, connects with people, and loves and lives the questions themselves.

When she is living in alignment like this, things seem to click. Things seem to flow. People are responsive and opportunities are attracted to her.

Somehow she lives into the exact life she wanted. 

When she was being controlling, she didn’t even see the gifts that life was giving her. But now, all there is to do is surrender, be happy, and enjoy the ride.

Photo by Joe Hu on Unsplash

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