The Future Isn’t Bleak

A few of my clients recently told me they have not been productive these days. They have not been able to take action or make decisions on their creative or business goals because feeling overwhelmed by the election.

I can understand this is tense time. There is so much uncertainty, fear, division and hate. Many of us have worried and concerned about the future.

Has the tension and the election drained your energy and been a distraction?

The power of transformational work is that we don’t have to be impacted by any external circumstance– even the election. 

✨The key is to live into the possibility of our future✨

Here are the exact steps to transform fear and a bleak future into the possibility of a better one: 

1. Remember, the future is ALWAYS uncertain, because it hasn’t happened yet. Instead of feeling fear of an uncertain future, view the unknown as adventurous and fun (and maybe even magical)?

2. Our view of the future impacts our present experience. If we are afraid of the future, then we will be living with anxiety and negativity. Instead practice living in the possibility of a brighter future. What would that feel like and how would that impact your experience of life?

3. We have power and agency to choose how we show up. No matter the external circumstances or events (even the election), we really get to choose how we experience life. Let go of fear, judgement and the need to be in control. Can you show up in a way that inspires and empowers you?

4How we show up impacts the actions we take, which will impact the future. When you feeling anxious or overwhelmed, you are less like to take action on your goals. When you are feeling happy and hopeful, you will be inspired to take action and produce results.

You truly get to impact the future. Who you are and your creative work makes a difference for people. Whether it’s bring more beauty, thought, inspiration, or self-expression, your work needs to be made and shared. 

You create the future in which we all want to live.

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

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