The Power of Accountability

What’s your first reaction when you hear the word “accountability”?

Do you want to run and hide?

Does it sounds like…work…hard.. boring?

Totally! In the past, that was my initial reaction too. I mean, who really wants to be held responsible? Sometimes it seems better to avoid doing the work and make excuses of why we can’t do the work.

But… what about your dreams? Are you going to keep avoiding what your heart truly desires?

My clients stopped putting their dreams on hold. Check out this recent success story that just happened this past weekend.

One of my new clients had been writing and editing her book for years and still had not finished it.

In our coaching call last week, my client shared that she only had 6 MORE HOURS to complete editing her book? That’s all!

So what’s the problem? Even though she only had a few hours left, she wasn’t taking action, even though she truly wanted to finish it.

During our coaching session, we uncovered the fears and stories that were in her way. We then set-up a plan for her to finally complete the book by Monday (today)! Her plan was to work on her book for two hours each on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Each day she would text me when she completed these two hours.

This is the message I got on Sunday:👇🏽

“I completed two hours today and finished editing my book! I’m so happy I can cry!”

Even one day early!!

Do you want these kind of results for your creative projects or business?

A coach, like me, will hold you accountable by:
✨ Believing that what you want is possible.
✨ Listening to you as someone who greater than your fears or stories.
✨ Being your accountability buddy so you are motivated to take action!

I am committed to being your accountability partner to help you finally fulfill your goals!

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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