There is Something on the Other Side of This

Fires continue to rage in the West Coast and the air has been dense and smoky for a week now. Thousands of people evacuated, hundreds lost their homes and dozens died.

Overall there is a feeling of fear, sadness, overwhelm and resignation.

I feel that too.

Yet, despite all the chaos, I know in my heart there is something greater on the other side of this.

During the pandemic and now during the fires, I see so much beauty. People are coming together to support each other, they are donating clothes and food, and are doing whatever they can to help.

As hard as things get, we are never alone❤️ When we are of service to others, we feel a sense of purpose.

This is the best time to be of service to others. Whether are sharing your art to lift people up or are reaching out and checking in on friends and family, you truly make a difference for others. 

When we are of service, we become filled with a sense of purpose and aliveness ourselves!

No matter what you are dealing with, right now you get to:
❤️ Accept love and support from others
❤️ Be of service to others

This is part of the pathway of empowering ourselves and creating new possibilities for the world in which we live. As the earth demands death and regrowth, it is time for a new consciousness to evolve.

Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

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