There’s No Going Back!

This is my last sunset in Bali. But I don’t feel ready to leave! I have so much more to do! So much more to experience, reflect and create! Ugh!!! I thought I would have it all figured out by now!

I won’t ever be “ready” because there’s nowhere to go and there’s always more to expand.

I chose to take a solo trip to Bali to see what shows up for me outside of my daily routine. What thoughts would I have? What would I write? What choices would I make? Who would I be?

I’ve had a little bit of everything and a lot of myself. Adventuring around five islands, meeting travelers and locals, yoga, dancing, surfing, paddling, and hiking. But what’s been especially impactful are all of the quiet moments on the beach, the self-reflection, journaling, blogging, and getting connected to a sweeter, more relaxed and grateful expression of myself.

This experience has given me space to listen and be guided, deepening what I already know and connecting to unexpressed parts of me. I’ve reacquainted myself to myself and allowed flow, trust, love, and joy to move through me.

I got to expand her. Love her. Live her.

Here on my last day in Bali, I still have questions remaining. How do I bring this person forward? How do I hold on to this space of love and freedom? How do I let go of all of the parts that keep me stuck?

There’s no going back. Every experience, every empowering thought, and everything I am cultivating—it’s all within me.

I am not sure how it will flow, but the next chapter has so much more. I do know that l bring forward more love and gratitude and send those to ripples outward.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.

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