Trip For My Soul

I am on a scooter ride from the bustling city of Ubud back to the beach where I belong. My view is filled with banana trees, palm trees, rice terraces, Hindu temples and kites blowing in the wind. Seriously?! I am smiling throughout the entire 2-hour ride.

Earlier that morning I take a yoga class at an incredible shala surrounded by trees and Hindu statues. In between the traditional vinyasa flow, he tells us all lay down on our backs. “Giggle,” he says. “Even if it starts out fake, it will turn real.”

I’m thinking, no way. Is he serious?!

There are about 50 people in the class and the fake giggling begins. Reluctantly I join in. I hate being fake! But I go along and I fake giggle and listen the to cacophony of giggles in the room. It’s so ridiculous, that it’s actually funny. My fake giggles turn real and I am laughing so hard! I am laughing and laughing, harder than I have laughed in awhile. The giggles in the room start winding down, but I don’t want to stop!

My laugher soon turns into tears. I start to crying right there in yoga class! I am crying because it is so good to feel emotion. I am crying because I am so grateful for the laughter. I am crying because I wonder why I don’t laugh like this all of the time.

I am so grateful to be on trip to Bali. I am grateful for the adventure, all of the wonderful people and places, time for so much self-reflection, and grateful for all of the emotion I get to experience.

A friend told me that this trip has been good for my soul. I think he is right.

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