What is Your Quarantine Breakthrough?

As states start reopening, I have to say I’m not rushing to get back out there. I have been pretty isolated over the past two months and quarantine has been good for my soul.

We all had different experiences over the past few months. Some of you lost your jobs. Some of you may have gotten sick or knows someone who did. Some of you may feel completely restless and alone. Or maybe for some of you it’s been your most creative time!

For me quarantine has been full of mix of emotions. I have had my own ups and downs for sure. The fear of uncertainty completely stressed me out and I spent my first day in quarantine crying and worrying about the future.

While I had challenging moments, I also had the most empowering two months. Quarantine has helped me slow down, connect to myself in a deeper way, and truly practice self-love. When will I get this much alone time again?! I really see the opportunity in quarantine and excited to share my breakthroughs with you:

✨ Continued my daily habits including hiking, meditation, and walking at least 10,000 steps each day.

✨ Transitioned into a new job! I started quarantine leading a nonprofit and now I am working for a state agency for the arts. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to help the arts rebuild.

✨ Slept really well each night. This is amazing as I am not always the best sleeper.

✨ Subscribed to a fitness app. Sometimes I feel that I can’t really be as fit as I want to be– like it’s not really possible. I am now working out everyday.

✨ Started a 28 day gratitude practice. Now on Day 9, I am practicing gratitude every morning, night, and all day in-between. I am excited how this practice will continue to impact my life. 

✨ Connected to old friends and new. I tend to isolate myself, so talking with friends on the phone and running into people on walks and hikes has been really brightened up my days.

✨Kayaked several times and will have my own kayak soon!

✨ Laid on the grass in my backyard for days, just reading and journaling. This is something I used to do more often, but by being so “busy” and traveling almost every weekend, I stopped doing this simple thing I love.

✨ Purchased memory foam mattress topper and pillows. I know this sounds so simple. But I wanted to get this for YEARS! Finally purchasing this was an act of self-love.

✨ Starting playing piano again. I haven’t sat down at my piano for about 5 years! I finally starting practicing those old sonatinas I used to play.

✨ Confronted my attachment issues and kept going deeper. Even with the tears, I released a lot of old stuff that had me be insecure and longing for love. I built self confidence and stayed connected to my long distance loved one.

✨ Helped my clients create empowering mindsets and results in their creative projects and businesses; led two free workshops for artists; and wrote and wrote and wrote, including these weekly blogs (I hope they made a difference for you!).

You see, when I’m running around “doing” all sorts of things, I stay busy to avoid the stuff that is challenging to face. Does that sound like you? We often don’t even realize that’s what we we are dong. But when we slow down and choose to face them, we find our pathway towards joy and freedom.

Right from the start, I decided quarantine would be an opportunity. An opportunity to face my stuff and deepen self-love.

Quarantine has given me the space to be with myself, especially when I have an itching to be busyIt helped me deepen self-love practices and take action on things that are truly empowering for me. I feel more free and authentic than ever before. 

For every breakdown, there is a breakthrough!

👉🏽What has been the opportunity for you in all of this? What has been your quarantine breakthrough? 

Feel free to comment or email and share your breakthroughs (or breakdowns!) with me.

🔥At Burning Man they burn the Temple on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, I walked a few miles to the ashes of the Temple. Everyone was looking to see what they could find. 

That’s where I found this elephant in the photo above. It survived the fire! It felt like the most important treasure ever. Maybe it represented someone’s wish for the future or loss from the past. It felt so sacred to find something like this buried in the ashes.

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