Where Are All My Sun Seekers?☀️

During Spiritual Coaching Training, the teacher asked us to draw something connects us to spirit. It took me a second but the first image that came to mind was the sun. I drew my swirly sun on bright yellow paper.

T​he sun provides light, warmth, energy and so much healing.

I wasn’t surprised when a few of my clients this past week talked about how the sun was healing and energizing too. One client visualized the sun shining into her heart to provide healing and another client is focusing her time in studio in the morning when the sun shines upon it. We called her plan: Action in Sunshine☀️

I was sick all week and so I spent Saturday afternoon laying out in the warm sun by the river. It was amazing and just the healing I needed.

Many people I know also feel happier and healthier when the sun comes out!

There is so much to look forward to right now: the sun, light, spring, vaccines, opening of businesses, live music, etc. I actually purchased a ticket to a live concert for the first time in over a year! Woot!

Perhaps it’s a feeling of hope– there’s a shift in the air. Do you feel it? I think it’s time to allow ourselves to finally FEEL GOOD!

You probably have been dealing with so much this year. Are you ready to shine brighter than ever before?

Give yourself permission to feel good, connect to warmer, brighter days ahead.

Even on cloudy days, like it is today for me, there’s always an inner sun that wants to shine. ​What’s crazy, as I write this in a coffee shop, I hear “sun” or “sunshine” in so many of the lyrics:) ​

Connect to the sun or any energy or image that grounds you with a deeper connection to yourself and the InSpirit-ation all around you.

Top photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

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