You Are The Culture Creators

Yesterday I was walking to the natural food store to pick-up groceries I had ordered online and I ran into a old friend on on the street. Each day he has been walking around town playing the accordion. He starts playing my favorite Bob Marley tune, Redemption Song, and there we are singing on the sidewalk corner!

What a way to live in covid!

As artists, creatives and human beings, we are culture creators. Through art, music, writing, poetry, dance, videos (and so much more!) we express ourselves and create meaning in the world. 

Creativity is an expression of what it’s means to be human in a specific moment in time.

👉🏽So what is your experience right now during this pandemic?

I have seen many artists and creatives so courageously share themselves. Through live streams, podcasts, online tours, classes, or even a random encounter on the street, I have been so grateful to still be able to participate in the arts. At times it has moved me to tears!

Some of my clients have shared that this is their most inspiring time ever. Whether they are painting everyday, leading workshops, or writing a book, this time has truly empowered them.

I get that is not the case for everyone. Some folks are lonely, depressed, anxious, tired, unmotivated, stuck in fear and just don’t have it in them. I think we all have been dealing with something at some point. I too have had days where I wake up crying and don’t want to get out of bed.

After a few months of quarantine, surviving, transitioning, and processing, I’m seeing (and hoping) that folks are starting to re-emerge. More folks are picking up their creative tools again or trying new ones.

Please do if you have it in you!

Because what you have to say RIGHT NOW and what you have to contribute through your creative expression is essential.

❤️ It is part of your healing process.
🙏🏽 It makes a difference for people.
🗣 It contributes to how you view and understand the world right now.

You are the culture creators.

Whether you are super inspired or super sad right now, do what you can to bring your creative tools towards you. Use your creative expression to let us know how you are doing and how you are experiencing life right now. Or just create and don’t even share it!

There’s something powerful going on right now. No matter what your expression is, it’s a gift to be able to capture it and contribute to this collective experience. It’s the culture creators, like you, who help us heal, connect, smile, solve problems, record our lives, and make sense of this all.

Because of you, the future will be different.

Photo by Jiroe on Unsplash

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