You Are So Loved💗

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and whether you have a partner or not you might wonder:

Am I really loved?

Being loved and expressing love is one of the most important and soulful experiences.

At the same time, we often find ourselves seeking outside love and validation to feel good about ourselves. This can come in the form of relationship, how we look, what we post on social media, or how we act around people.

✨There is a difference between needing love to feel whole and expressing love freely✨

I know this really well (I’m going to be really vulnerable here!) I know this because I am a love addict (It’ s real thing– look it up!)

Love addicts like me depend on outside love to feel whole. We likely have abandonment wounds (even if we were never really abandoned), so we seek love, especially through intimate relationships, to feel validated and safe.

Love addict or not, Where do you seek outside love and validation to feel whole?

My journey over the past several years has been to strengthen my sense of self, truly love all of myself, and stand in my own power– without the need for anyone and anything to feel complete. Love isn’t something to be grasped. Love is who you are.

Because of this self-love work, I am more confident, happy and self-expressed than ever. This way of being allows me to express love more freely, without conditions and attachment.

I bought this heart necklace that rests near my heart to remind me that I am so loved and I have so much love to give.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day as a tribute to all the love inside of you and all the love you get to express✨💗✨

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