You Can Light the Way✨

On this President’s Day, I am thinking about what it means to be a leader. We often think leadership is about the person in charge of a business, organization or country. I’m not so sure about that. 

Leadership isn’t about the position we hold, it’s about how we show up and the impact we make. Any of us can be leaders in any position we hold.

On coaching calls with my clients, we often talk about how they are showing up or not showing up in their lives. Recently, some of my clients shared they have been hiding. They had not been sharing themselves or sharing their work because of fear of been seen, fear of being judged or fear of not being loved.

I get this so clearly because I’ve been there! I used to hide for all the time for all of those reasons.

Do you hide and stay small because of fear?

When we do the inner work, we can break free from these constraints and connect to our beautiful (and imperfect) self-expressed selves🌟

When we show up authentically and share ourselves freely, we can make the difference we want to make.

What difference do you want to make?

✨ Do you want to share your art or music and help connect people to beauty and emotion?
✨ Do you want to share new ideas and stories through writing?
✨ Do you want influence social change?
✨ Perhaps you just want to show up for yourself and people you love?

The best leaders are the ones who are willing to show up authentically, Even if you confronted by fear, remind yourself you are up to something! You have a purpose, a calling, and a commitment to make a difference.

Thank you for being willing and courageous to put yourself out there. Light the way as we will all be better for it.

Photo by Kyle Cottrell on Unsplash

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