Your Creative Expression is Important Right Now

The country is in pain and there is so much we are dealing with right now. 

We’ve been struggling through the pandemic and living in fear and uncertainty.

And now, we are collectively facing injustice in our society.

As a white woman, I don’t see or experience racial injustice in my daily life. I have white privilege and do not really know what it is like to be a black person in the United States.

I almost couldn’t want to watch the video of George Floyd being murdered. I knew it would be heartbreaking. But I did because I knew I had to see and understand the terrible injustice that is happening in our society. 

Then again, I was sad, overwhelmed and confused on Saturday morning after watching the live streams of the riots here in Eugene.

The systematic inequality in our country has occurred since its inception. It hasn’t stopped.

It is each of our responsibility to be part of the solution. 

And we do that in our own unique ways.

How do you process such deeply rooted issues in our society?

For me, I cried. Then I listened. I listened to people of color and the many important experiences and perspectives they were generous in sharing.

I then wrote and wrote and wrote. I journaled through my tears and even wrote a poem– which I hadn’t done in years. 

As artists and creatives, you have the most powerful tools to process emotions.

That’s why this is the exact time to bring your creative tools towards you. Write, paint, make music– your creative expression is part of your personal healing.

For some of you, your work will be only for you. For others, you will share your art and message with people in your life or even on social media. 

Your creative expression is a tool for you express your perspective about injustice and be part of the solution. 

We are all part of this collective consciousness and have unique ways of contributing to the world. Your creative expression is not only valid, but extremely important, especially now. 

Mural by artists Xena GoldmanCadex Herrera, and Greta McLain with the help of artists Niko Alexander and Pablo Hernandez.

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