Your Creative Expression is Meant for YOU!

A writer is meant to write. A painter is meant to paint. Same with musicians, dancers, actors, photographers. Yes, I’m talking to ALL OF YOU incredible artists and creatives!

Every single creative expression is meant to be expressed. And it is meant to be expressed through you.

Do you believe that?

You might not fully believe this because you are filled with self-doubt. Just like the rest of us.

At some point we told ourselves lies and convinced ourselves that our art had to be “good” in order for it to exist.

I remember when I was five years old and I was in Kindergarten coloring next to my best friend, Jane. I loved coloring and we were making self-portraits. Mine was a little stick figure with blonde hair. I liked her! But then I glanced at Jane’s portrait. It was a beautiful work of art that filled the page with so many colors and details.

At that moment, I told myself that mine wasn’t as good as hers. I decided at that I was not an artist. That was the beginning of my art scar and the beginning of self-doubt in my creative expression.

Self-doubt is so pervasive for all of us. It stops us from expressing our creativity and expressing ourselves. It stops us from doing what we love and showing up authentically.And this has a huge impact on us.

Over the years I was extremely shy. I was super nervous around people and wasn’t myself. I wasn’t connected to who I was and I didn’t know how to be around people. Looking back I was hiding—hiding from people and hiding from myself.

When allow self-doubt to take over and are stopped from creating and expressing ourselves, we are hiding. And we miss out on the possibility of a truly joyful life.

I encourage you to look in the mirror and confront that self-doubt. Look at what you are afraid to say, what you are afraid to express, and what is stopping you from creating what you are meant to create.

Because what you want, wants you.

We all want to truly see YOU– what you have to say and create. I promise that you will inspire people, even if you don’t believe it yet! It doesn’t have to be perfect or any which way. Just an authentic expression of you.

So here I am showing up again on my blog —sharing my heart and expressing what I have to say. I don’t have to hide anymore. Neither do you.

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